KLUGE Performance is Ninja in getting Sales Directors to perform.


The job as Sales Director is a great job and the results define whether you are successful or not.


But it is also a tough job and it can feel lonely at times.


We are the Sales Director’s “Wingman”. Your trusted sparring partner on difficult decisions, one that challenges your plans before execution, and supports you where you do not have your primary talent. As a ninja I am “invisible” and refinement that happens will always be your credit in the company.


Ronaldo and Messi, who also have the right “toolbox”, also need expert sparring so that they can remain the best in the world.

As Ninjas, we humans today can go a long way by being dedicated, passionate, training and gaining new knowledge or refreshing old knowledge.


Ninjas have always been surrounded by mystery and familiarity about their actions and existence dating back to the 15th century.

Their skills were intended to “ensure that one’s opponent does not know one’s existence”. The special training was handed down through families starting in early childhood.

Their philosophy of life and the continuous and hard training, gave them legendary abilities.

The ninja philosophy of mastering something to perfection and being “blind” to other skills, we 100% agree with.


I’m not a real NINJA, but I have a great passion for karate, ever since I first entered the dojo in 1988.

Karate naturally gives the physical well-being, but most importantly it gives a strong psyche. When you have cultivated it for many years, it is not just training, it becomes a philosophy of life.

In KLUGE, we use 4 rules “Dojo-kun” from Karate, to refine human talents, so that the goal is achieved as a minimum:

  • Seek the perfect character
  • Be faithful
  • Endeavour
  • Respect others
  • Headhunter for 15 years, +5000 interviews in the Nordics
  • People manager since the age of 22
  • Worked with sales for 33 years as Sales manager, Sales Director and CEO
  • Consulting business since 2001
  • Completed sales and manager training for +2000 people
  • Entrepreneur – start-up of 4 companies, of which 3 as self-employed successfully
  • Direct and with attitudes – no bullshit
  • Trustworthy and trusting
  • As Headhunter masters in reading person’s strength and GAP
  • Solution-oriented – not just theory but something that works now
  • Result-creating
  • Motivator & Inspirator
  • Love to challenge and insist on understanding context
  • Listening, observing & curious – apt feedback without hesitation

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