The digital transformation is like a high-speed train, where the companies that are not already on board or have a strong strategy for the area, are unlikely to survive.


The digital revolution naturally requires different skills for many employees in the organization and not least the corporate management. IT / Digital should no longer be seen as a cost, but as an opportunity to transform the company, where alot has gone from locally to globally.


We have exclusively headhunted IT / Digital profiles since the company started, which is why we have a solid network of candidates and knowledge of the digital area. When everything at KLUGE is about Headhunting Digital People, our knowledge goes deep into profiles to solve recruitment tasks where others have given up. We follow the uncut diamonds and the heavy profiles up close. We are passionate about what technology can bring to companies’ digital journey. Our task is to challenge the boards / owners in their current digital strategy, which is only possible by placing the right people, at C-level, who make the journey a success.


Every two years, we participate in the Gartner Symposium together with CIOs from all over Europe, to acquire new knowledge and spar with profiles at C-level along with the development of the rapidly developing digital market.

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