We experience that most companies – regardless of size – take responsibility for helping their good employees move on in life after a dismissal.


Being fired can be a traumatic experience for some and the way the fired employee reacts, processes and gets through it is very different.


Most of us have heard of Outplacement – but the word Outplacement can be associated with something negative by many.


We can not change the past, but we can equip ourselves for the future and positively take advantage of the often involuntary situation a dismissal entails.


With the right support, the dismissed person is faced with an opportunity for a positive “personality development journey”.

The concept “Mind4Future” from KLUGE supports this journey.



Mind4Future is a structured process where the dismissed person immediately gets their own coach who supports, motivates, challenges and guides them both practically and mentally, until they are back at work.


The signal value in the company offering a Mind4Future course is of course positive and strong, but the primary purpose is of course to get your former colleague / employee back to work, so that he or she and his family can get through this process as well as possible.


KLUGE’s focus and experience has always been within IT / Digitization, where we have attracted and recruited specialists, commercial and manager profiles for their next dream job.


KLUGE´s Outplacement is of course within the same domain, where the process in form and content is adapted to the individual, as we experience that it has the absolute greatest effect.


The supply is large and it can be a jungle to find the right partners.




When fired, wants employment in the digital industry
In KLUGE we have conducted +18,000 interviews and we are specialists in uncovering individual competencies and motivation – also for the future
We know what it takes to get a job
Mind4Future is a structured and comprehensive both practically and mentally
The process only ends when the dismissed person is back in work
Our model is based on competitive fixed price


KLUGE’s Mind4Future provides i.a. these benefits for the terminated:


  • We challenge and inspire candidates to think of new opportunities that they may not even be aware of
  • We know which profiles and technological areas are in demand, which means we can advise on e.g. continuing education, courses, certifications
  • Large professional professional and not least personal network, which we will open up and make contact with where it makes sense for both parties
  • As Headhunter for the IT / Digitization industry, we have many positions for our existing customers, which can be an obvious match for the laid off
  • Personality testing with personal test feedback, we believe, is an important foundation for gaining a deeper insight into oneself and one’s own behavioral patterns in the different phases and situations
  • The dismissed guides to create their own personal “Go 2 Market Strategy”
  • The same coach throughout the process, who in addition to being a certified coach and consultant, has also worked for many years in the IT / Digitization industry


For many people, the job is a big part of their identity. Well then all of a sudden you no longer have anything to stand up for, no longer have your job-related social network, this often leads to anxiety about the future and not least uncertainty about the financial consequences of being without a job. This can, in the worst case, lead to prolonged anxiety, depression and loneliness. KLUGE therefore ensures that the majority of the dialogue in the Mind4Future process takes place in physical meetings (or video meetings) between the dismissed person and the coach.


KLUGE only completes the process when the dismissed person returns to work.