There is a variety of opinions as to how a CV should be and even more as to how it should not be. We have read thousands of CVs and are thus happy to advise you on crafting the perfect document. CVs used for headhunting are not accompanied by an application for a specific job: Therefore, it is necessary that such a CV can stand on its own.



Expand your CV throughout your career and update it continually, as you can otherwise forget courses, results, tasks, etc.


Be honest and don’t exaggerate.


Focus on what is essential and will help you to the next job. Be short and precise.


The overall impression is important, so be aware of design and misspellings. It is your personal sales letter intended to create awareness and brand/show who you are.


Summary in the beginning which briefly sums up your successes and highlights you.


Photo is a good idea as it becomes more personal and because you remember what you see 80% better, and after all, that is what it is all about.


The future what should it offer? Which job functions do you see yourself in?


Contact information should include a private telephone number and a private email address, since a CV can be there a long time, and maybe you have changed jobs in the meantime and thus also business number/email address.


Job changes are natural, but if you have many, you should write the reason, including if it is due to company acquisitions/fusions.


Personal information like hobbies and family helps to tell who you are



  • Education, courses, certifications, any technical skills
  • Previous jobs, responsibilities, results
  • Skills, customers, segments, language proficiency
  • Motivated by
  • References


As inspiration, we have prepared a template that can be downloaded here.


We have prepared a template that can be downloaded here.