Our job as headhunters are finding the absolute best candidates for vacancies with our customers.


It is our ambition to build a long-lasting relationship with our candidates, and you should see us as your extended arm for getting your next dream job.

We work in a slightly “old-fashioned” way with headhunting and getting to know new candidates through referrals. When we first contact you, it is for a specific job opening. If the job or the timing is not right, we take note of your passions and how you see your next job, etc., which helps us to make sure that we help you in the best possible way and do not call you more than necessary.

We have candidates that we have known since 1998 and have even had the pleasure of helping towards new jobs several times.


The job is a large part of life, and we cannot seriously headhunt employees for companies we do not believe in ourselves. Therefore, we are selective. Additionally, we only recruit candidates who we believe in and can take pride in being able to find the exact match for.



If you work in the IT world or what many people today call “Digital Transformation”, and if we do not know you already, we are more than happy to invite you to an interview so we can get to know you better.

If it has your interest, please send your CV along with a few lines about your dream job to





Since we work with Search, we do not post current job openings on our website. In our closed group on LinkedIN, you can see selected positions, amongst other things.